Private Pilot License

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Getting a Private Pilot License can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Before you can become a Private Pilot, you must become a Student Pilot and receive all training required by the FAA. Once you have your license, it is like having a magic carpet. You have the skills, and ability to discover the world from the sky! At Barrett Aviation we require Private Pilot students to fly at minimum one hour per week. This is to maintain a continuous flow of learning, with minimal relearning flights and no major set backs. We recommend that the student allocate at minimum 5-10 hours of their time each week to flight training. Students that fly 2-3 times per week tend to spend less money in the long run, and receive their Private Pilot License sooner.


Student Pilot Minimum Requirements:

Read, Speak, and Write English


Obtain a third class medical


At least 16 years of age

How Long will it take?

*The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires 40 hours of flight time to receive a Private Pilot License. (14 CFR 61.109)

The US average for flight training is closer to 60 hours.